Work With Irene

Are YOU Ready to Change Your Life? 

What do you want to create this year?

Do you ever feel like there is more to life than working hard for someone else?  Like you know you were meant for something more, but you just don’t see a way to get there. Believe me, wherever it is that you want to go, you can get there too. And sooner than you think.

I’ll show you how to create a life you love.

Everything changed for me when I found my own coach.  A coach brings a perspective that only can be seen from a neutral vantage point and completely transformed my family’s life!

You can hire me as we work together to strategize the exact action steps you need to be success or… You Can Partner With Me, work your business alongside mine with other successful likeminded women without paying me a dime.

But I only work with women that are serious!

I am looking for:irene kachel
• A strong woman who is ready to change her life
• Prefers to grow her biz via social media
• Willing to do the work
• Doesn’t make excuses
• Willing to invest into herself
• Can work a few hrs/week on her biz
• Although this business has very little/no start-up costs, I suggest you put aside a little more to get you started.  Let’s chat about what is the best plan for you!

What you can expect:
• Mentors who are super successful in their own business
• Easy step-by-step instruction, tips, and secrets proven to grow your successful business online
• Daily, high-level access to mentoring in a private Facebook group
• Videos & Live calls guiding you to your first rank advancement and beyond!

If I described YOU… Isn’t it time that you started living life Bigger & Better!


Explore the Perks:

  • Eligible for promotions and incentives
  • Your own replicated website/e-commerce store for easy ordering
  • Commission on retail sales, Commission on Enrolled Customer sales and your Team Sales paid each Week or DAILY if you prefer.
  • Access to our physical and web-based materials to train you, your team and your customers
  • No inventory requirements; the company ships directly
  • No monthly minimum requirements 
  • Prizes and fabulous incentive trips in recognition of reaching your goals
    This is YOUR Business and you decide how much or little you want to work!


For a small investment in yourself – You’ll receive your own personal website that helps you market your business 24/7. And of course a Partner – you will enjoy a discount on all of the retail prices of our amazing products!