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OH MY GOODNESS….. I have big news to share with all of you.  I originally scheduled to tell you Monday morning but I couldn’t wait any longer.  About 2 months ago I joined this amazing company and I am so so grateful, I had to share NOW.  I’ve only told a handful of friends and now I’m sharing with YOU!

Shibue Couture is a 6 year old company with a proven track record. They have been featured in movies, television and on the fashion runways all over the world.SC_Online_Brochure_Page_20-1340x1500

The company officially launches in February. I want You to Join Us!  You could be the first consultant in your town… maybe in your state!  I’m looking for someone who really understands the value of being a founding member of a direct sales model.

By the way, did you know Saturday 11/28 was SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!!? And that small businesses create more jobs than any other organization in the USA every single year? Contrary to  what people think, big companies and big unions do NOT create jobs and provision for our beautiful families. SMALL BUSINESS people do.  This is why I am so excited! love shibue Convention

I’d LOVE for you to join me, and join in the celebration! We are launching a direct sales division of this amazing company and I want YOU to work directly with me!  The direct sales channel continues to experience steady growth, as more individuals generated more revenue in 2014 than any year previously… that number continues to grow!

If you’re interested in making money and becoming your own work from home boss, please keep reading.  If you’ve heard enough Click here to get started NOW! 

With Christmas fast approaching, we hope you take this opportunity to begin making money right away.  Although we don’t launch until February, our reps are generating hundreds and thousands in sales each month.  It’s up to you whether you want to make a lot or a little working full or part time.

I hope you’ll complete the following form so we can talk and make sure this is a good fit.  Are you ready to finally change your life, your family’s history and YOUR financial situation?

By the way, you’ll never be alone…You get:

Daily, high-level access to members, including myself

Secret Facebook Group specifically for Founding Consultants

Fun, engaging incentives with awesome prizes

Sharing of my easy tips for staying organized, engaging with clients, & other secrets

One-on-one Power Calls with corporate and myself

Guiding you towards your first rank advancement and beyond!


Click here to get started NOW! 

Who are we? 

Shibue was created to offer alternative undergarment choices for women of all shapes, sizes and ages!  The inspiration comes from inventing revolutionary products that offer comfort; coverage, modesty and confidence for women other than then the traditional shape wear type products that are on the market today.

Every day we are working on new, innovative products to bring to the market!
We love Shibue…we hope you do too!

Signature Products

white dressStrapless No-Panty Line Panty – the world’s first No-Line Strapless Panty. Shibue’s are held in place by a washable and re-usable soft silicone gel adhesive across the top front and top back of the panty leaving nothing but a smooth, clean silhouette on your sides.  Comes in XS -XL in a variety of colors.

Instant-Breast-LiftInstant Breast Lifts – are designed to give you the desired lift and shape you require without a bra.  They are the perfect breast enhancer for halter, strapless, low back or plunging necklines. They are washable and reusable too!

tank dresss-500x500Cami and Dress – Perfect under your favorite sheer top, layer it or worn alone. Made from a soft, flex knit, micro fiber support material with adjustable straps. It provides a comfortable fit, without being too tight and it that stays in place with the help of the Shibue permeated silicone along the bottom hem.  No slipping, sliding or riding up when you walk, bend over or reach up! AMAZING!

Our Story

We had one of Italy’s biggest stars wear our panty under her dress on stage for the San Remo Music Festival and she flashed Shibues in front of 15 million people and our panties went viral in Europe. In conjunction with those efforts and our new PR team amazing things are happening!Taraji P. Henson

Since 2009 Shibue has become the secret to Hollywood actresses, models, designers, stylists AND everyday woman like yourself.  Shibue’s have been a “must have” on the set of True Blood, Spartacus, the Walking Dead, Magic City and more!  Love Shibue is a woman owned business that’s constantly updating and creating new and innovative products for women. We have a variety of products to offer, and we sell Shibue in thousands of stores across the US, Japan, Europe and in the U.K.

We regularly donate our products to stars who pose for PETA “naked campaign” which organically got Shibues onto the stars.

Shibue was created to offer alternative undergarment choices for women of all shapes, sizes and ages!  Now we need You to bring our products to them!

Say goodbye to panty lines forever!

We didn’t cross the line… we erased it!kate upton

YOU could be one of the first 25-30 Consultants within the entire company!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!   

Are You Ready to be the FIRST?  CLICK HERE

How to Shibue

how to simple

Direction For Application

Clean and dry your skin. Do not use any lotions, oils, or powders on the area of application.

Remove the silicone adhesive liners.

Position the front of the panty in the desired area and press firmly onto your skin.

Wrap the panty through your legs and press in the desired place.


Are YOU Ready to Change Your Life? If you’re looking to earn a full-time income, or a second income?  I look Forward to Serving You!  

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