Real Beauty

I was thinking about my last article and the image I had for myself.  I wondered what I looked like from that belief.  If you didn’t read my last article – I saw myself with: big bulging fish eyes, big horse type teeth and gums, giant hump on my nose, fuzzy out of control hair on a short no hips, no boobs, boy-like body.

Have you seen the Real Beauty ad campaign by Dove? In the case study they hired FBI trained sketch artist, Gil Zamora, to draw women as they described themselves. Mr. Zamora could not see the women. He drew a sketch of them based on a series of questions he asked. Then, a complete stranger was asked to describe the same woman to Mr. Zamora, who drew a second sketch of the same woman. The results were truly remarkable.

Women are their own worst beauty critics.  Dove state’s “only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful” – ONLY 4%!


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You’re more beautiful than you think.


What do you see in the mirror? Tell girl in the mirror she’s beautiful today!

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