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Magic Moisturizer

I use coconut oil and essential oils for my face every single day… sometimes twice a day.  The caveat coconut oil can clog some pores and shouldn’t be used on sensitive skin.  You’ll have to try it for yourself.  When my skin is feeling really dry I use Boswellia cream from Young Living.  It’s a little pricey but it’s worth it!!  I suggest trying coconut and essential oils to get started.  I use essential oils every day from cooking to cleaning to deodorizing to face, body and so much more.  If you’ve never used essentials oil, I suggest you start.  It’s changed my families life!



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14 thoughts on “Magic Moisturizer

  1. I’ve been using a drop of Frankincense with my moisturizer each morning and I love it, so I am intrigued by this. I used coconut oil on my face under my makeup once, but I felt “greasy” all day. Should adding the essentials help with that?

    Has anyone experienced this?

    1. Susan, I stopped using coconut oil on a regular basis because it feels too greasy at first but my skin feels dry by the end of the day. I’ve started using a moisturizer that I’m still undecided about. My skin seems to like it better. I’ve also started using Geranium EO. I would say Listen to your skin. It knows best. Thanks for the question!

    1. I’ve never used fractioned coconut oil… if you can eat it, it’s probably fine. =) I like everything to be as natural as possible. Thanks for the question!

  2. I’m just getting started with essential oils. How much coconut oil do you use with the 2 to 4 drops of lavender and frankincense?

        1. That’s a great question Laura!! I haven’t found anything that is 100% natural that works. I go between Baby Soap and Younique’s – Illuminate Clean Facial Cleanser. They are both very gentle and doesn’t leave my face feeling dry. Thanks for the question!!

        2. I remove my makeup with coconut oil & frankincense. I use a pea size amount of coconut & rub my face & eyes, then I add 3 drops of Frankincense to my face only. I remove with a hot wet washcloth. My face feels amazing.

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