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Be Positive

Today I’m training on being positive and having a positive mindset.  I haven’t really given it much thought since last week when I knew I would be speaking to a group of women in direct sales.  I figured it would be easy enough to discuss since I’m a fairly positive person… most of the time.

To BE Positive isn’t something I really had to ever think about.  I just AM.  I can see the good in a situation. So how do you teach someone to BE Positive?  Why am I Positive and How do I teach You to be positive?  I’ve tried to break it down the best way I know how.

I want to share my morning first.  I’ve been dealing with a car that makes loud noises.  The mechanics can’t figure out the problem.  Currently, we’re being told it’s the transmission.  If you know anything about cars, you know a transmission is not a simple fix and it costs a lot of money.  eeks!

Being without a car is not an option.  I drive to appointments every day, all day and into the evening.  I don’t live in a big city and public transportation is the very last option.  The car is in the shop and right now, I have to focus on getting to the office.

I spent 20 minutes in thought as I could hear my heels click against the pavement.  The cars rushed by and I only focus on the blessings in my life:  How it only took 20 minutes to walk where I needed to go today.  How the heels on my feet were actually comfortable.  How the one busy street I had to cross was clear.  How completely satisfied I was with my breakfast.  And the belief that everything works out in my favor –  I know Life does not happen to us it is always happening for us.   

And with that I was given what I was looking for:


There are things we just don’t have control over.  It’s pointless to be upset about what we can’t change.

Things we can’t control:  1. Other People 2. Places 3. Things

There isn’t much to say here.  WHY?  There’s nothing that can be done.  I mean really?!  Just let it go!  Let’s focus on those things we can control.

Many of our experiences in life are a result of how we interpret and respond to our surroundings. When you are feeling negative ask yourself – What can you control in this situation?  There is probably more than you might think.


How many people you reach out to in a day, in a week and what is the attitude you carry?  You will decide how to view the world and our life, we usually take into our business… and perceive the value – of a booking and a sale.


It all starts with Self.   When you get up, you decide how to start the day.  Have direction and take steps to get there. Live On Purpose.

Make a decision and Things you can do to get there: 

  • Choose: Listen to music. Dance. Spread Love. Keep a Journal and write about the good stuff.  Be grateful and Savor these good things. Affirmations like – Today I will do my best to… be kind. Smile.  Dress in a way that expresses your true self.
  • Environment: Go outside. Take deep breathes.  Make a clean Work Space. Get on team calls with a glass of your favorite beverage. Lighting or Light a candle.
  • Service: Any problem we have is because we are focusing on it. Instead serve others. Ask a team member – How can I support you? No team, then call a friend. Ge out of self.

The more we think positively, the more proactively we will act and find ways to overcome and accept positive options.

By the way, I loved my walk to the office.  I think I want to start exercising in the morning.  After the 3rd time in the shop my car was finally back, up and running smoothly.  The thousands of dollars I thought I was going to spend on a transmission or invest in a new car went down to less than a $300 bill.  And I am thankful that my part time direct sales business was more than enough to cover the costs. 

In fact, did you know?  Positive thoughts can even boost your immune system!  Just sayin’

Tell me how you get out of a negative mindset? 

The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true. ― James Branch Cabell