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Inspiring Interview – Episode #7 Purpose


Stephanie Gretchen is a certified life coach, retreat leader, and spiritual director working with clients around the country. She is the owner of Stephanie Gretchen Coaching and Retreats. She is also on contract with Christian Mickelsen where she coaches clients to their success. She is a graduate of the Group Leadership Program at Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, a certified success coach from the Rapid Coaching Academy, a Parent Encouragement Program parent educator, and a graduate of the Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction. She is a mother of two adult-ish kids who rock her world, and a nature nerd who loves being outdoors and learning all she can about it.

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Stephanie Gretchen




Inspiring Interview – Episode #6 Purpose

Katja Rusanen, M.A., is a spiritual counselor and mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. She is dedicated to helping her clients magnify their impact and share their message with more people. Katja’s pragmatic approach, combined with her spiritual awareness, helps her clients get results fast. Whether they are looking to get their first coaching contract or support to create a $1.5 million launch or reaching more people with their message, Katja is their secret success ally.

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Katja Rusanen



Inspiring Interview – Episode #5 Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

Gina Lopez was raised in the San Joaquin Valley and began her journey as an empowered woman at a young age when she joined the military and became a Military Police Officer. She left the military working for the Department of Defense while attending college in the evenings. She graduated in the top 5% of her class with honors in only 3 ½ years when she received her Bachelors in Criminal Justice and her Masters in Business Management.

Gina’s next adventure came in In December of 2000, when she opened her independent State Farm office in Gilroy, Ca. and that business continues to grow strong as she celebrates nearly 18 years in the business.  In 2012, she expanded her entrepreneurial reach when she & her husband, Brian, opened their second business in 2012!
Gina believes in community involvement and is a Board Director for the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, a Board Director for Leadership Gilroy, and the Vice President of the South Valley Home and School Club.  Gina and her husband, Brian, have five children and are actively involved in their children’s’ hobbies and endeavors. In her spare time, Gina enjoys traveling the world & drinking fine wine.

Gina’s passion for helping people has inspired her to acquire a Reiki II certification and embrace the practice of meditation and spirituality. Gina expanded her vision and expertise by becoming a Freedom Coach where she coaches and mentors men and women all over the world helping them to to step into their power and RoosterUp!


Gina Lopez 

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Inspiring Interview – Episode #4 Commitment

Jenny Buettner worked as a real estate agent for nearly 20 years while juggling being a mom of three. Then she created the strapless panty. Her revolutionary products are used in a huge list of wardrobe departments of movies and television, high fashion runways and pageant contestants… she is all over the celebrity world. Her company is now offered as a Direct Sales business and now in the homes of everyday women. One cool thing most people don’t know about Jenny is that she loves to help other people achieve their dreams and assist them in launching their own products. She’s taken several people’s products to “As Seen on TV”.

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Jenny Buettner


Inspiring Interview – Episode #3 Breast Cancer Awareness

Debbi Sanchez is a Wedding and Event Coordinator in Gilroy CA. She is active on several non-profit boards including the Saint Louis Regional Board of Trustees, The Gilroy Public Arts Committee, the Gilroy Hall of Fame Committee, and others. Debbi is a 14-year breast cancer Survivor,

advocate and fundraiser. Married 33 years and a grandmother of three and she is the 2017 Gilroy Chamber of Commerce

Debbi Sanchez

Volunteer of the Year.

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Susan G. Komen
American Cancer Society
One Giving Tree 




Inspiring Interview – Episode #2 Manifesting a Life You Love

Michelle Nonnel is a successful business owner and proud mother of 4 beautiful kids.   Fashion Leader and social media mentor at fibi & clo.   She trains in Krav Maga an effective, modern, and dynamic self-defense and fighting system which teaches how to use everything at your disposal to neutralize a threat while remaining calm under pressure.  Michelle is a follower and believer that you can actually manifest a life you love…  She is here to teach you too.  Gratitude is everything.

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Michelle Nonnel


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Inspiring Interview – Episode #1 Finding Your Passion

Kim Mylls is a master trainer who helps people set and achieve their goals. Following a terrific 15 year career in the advertising and publishing world, Kim found her true calling as an Independent Consultant and National Vice President for Arbonne International. Kim inspires and trains people to do what they never thought possible and live life with vision and balance. She is a Certified Leadership Coach and co-Author of Boys Before Business:

The Single Girls Guide to Having It All.  After studying the Law of Attraction and Success Principles with Jack Canfield, Kim saw a need to help people get started in the manifesting process and she is the co-founder of the non-profit Kids Dojo which helps kids be active, confident and healthy.

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Kimberly Mylls

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