Love Shibue Bra

Shibue Instant Breast Lift


Shibue Instant Breast Lifts are designed to give you the desired lift and shape you require without a bra.

They are the perfect breast enhancer for halter, strapless, low back or plunging necklines!

Simply remove the silicone adhesive protector, place the bottom of the breast lift above the bottom of your breast line, then lean forward and pull up gently when standing up and hold down for 30 seconds in the desired place.instant breast lift before after

For a strapless top you pull the lift tab sideways under your arm… they are adjustable depending on the style of your top and that gives you a lot of flexibility on how you use them to shape your breasts. They mold to your form and will stay securely in place!

Our Instant Breast Lifts are washable and reusable too!

Instantly shape and lift your breasts for amazing results.

How do I order?

The Love Shibue website in still in progress.  Although the website is up and running, we are still experiencing some issues. Start your order here and I’d appreciate you choosing Irene (That’s her up there in the video =] ) as your personal consultant. Please contact Irene directly through our Contact Page if you are unable to process your order. Once the order has been placed it takes approximately 7 -10 days to arrive.

Thanks for interest and while you’re here….

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*Remember: NO lotions, oils, powders, perfume and so on in the area of application! Only a clean dry surface!