Love Shibue

Shibue has become the secret to Hollywood actresses, models, designers, stylists and now the everyday woman. Shibue’s have been a “must have” on the set of True Blood, Spartacus, the Walking Dead, Magic City and more! Shibue is a woman owned business that’s constantly updating and creating new and innovative products for women. We have a variety of products to offer, and we sell Shibue in thousands of stores across the US, Japan, Europe and in the U.K.

What are you Not wearing in your closet? silky dress.. no problem! white pants or blouse… no problem! low cut tops front or back – no problem! We have a solution!

Our No line Panty 

Our No line Bra

3 generations

A fashion solution company to empower women of all ages and sizes. Our products can be seen on TV, movies and fashion runways all over the country.

We didn’t cross the line… We erased it!

Ready to Order? Take a look at our Website Now  Your Fashion Consultants is Irene (me) and  I know you’re gonna love how you feel and look with Love Shibue!

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