Love Being You

Love Being You

It’s none of your business what others think about you.  As long as you know, You are Enough and there is Power in Being You!

I always felt different growing up.  I am the oldest of three kids – my younger brother and sister look like my mom with dark straight hair.  I have light brown curly hair and look like my dad.  My father was a handsome man but being a young girl and hearing you look like your father translated to having the face of an “old man”.

When I looked in the mirror, I saw:  big bulging fish eyes, big horse type teeth and gums, giant hump on my nose, fuzzy out of control hair on a short no hips, no boobs, boy-like body.  I was shy and had very low self-esteem.

I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere.  Although I made some friends, it would never last because I changed schools so much.  I went to seven different schools before I made it to middle school.

I also hated my name.  My brother, Andy and sister, Debbie had regular common names.  The name Irene was meant for 80 year old grandsiblingsmothers.  I grew up hating everything about myself.

In middle school, I had a math teacher tell me I was smart “for a girl”.  The gym teacher yelled at every boy in class because they “let a girl beat them” on the track.  This stupid girl with a man face did not belong and didn’t fit in anywhere.

My self-esteem was little to none going into high school.  I made some friends but I kept my distance from people.   How could anyone care about me?  I’m weird.  I’m awkward.  I look like a man.  And I didn’t deserve love.

I joined the dance club where we turned my solo dance into a whole production, I had A’s, went to summer school just to stay busy, I was well liked and had a boyfriend that was adorable & kind.  But I still couldn’t look myself in the mirror and say I love that girl. I was looking for something outside of me.

I ached for someone or something to lift me up because I couldn’t do it for myself.

Several years out of school, I realized how different we ALL ARE. We are all unique.  We are all weird.  We are all awkward.  And we all deserve love!

Something changed when I gained confidence on the inside – it showed on the outside.  In my thirties, I still despised that I had a man face and that I was named after an old woman – but somehow I owned it! This is who I am!

Wonderful things began to show up.  I am beautiful, courageous and confident.  It didn’t happen overnight but – when I made the choice to be the best Me that I can be – everything changed.

Oh and now in my late forties I love the name Irene!  I love the girl in the mirror.  I love that I kicked ass in high school (and still kick ass in everything I do!).  Girls Rule!  I Rule! I’m going to keep being the best Irene I can be!

It’s starts with gratitude every morning when I get up. I give thanks for all the little moments in every day.  I appreciate my life and the journey I am on.  Although my life in not perfect, I can find the perfections in the imperfections.  And I love the girl in the mirror!

Confidence can make the biggest difference in your life, relationships and career.  You can experience true peace, happiness, wellness and success.

Make a decision to Love Yourself in all your imperfections.  You are Enough and there is Power in Being You!

What is your favorite part about being YOU?  Comment below – Come on Own it!  I wanna know.