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I’m a wife and mom before anything else. Because of where I am today, I don’t have to work in corporate America any longer. I build a work schedule around my family time. I have an amazing business that provides me an income that can replace my corporate income and one day retire my husband.

I’ll tell you, I didn’t always have that kind of freedom. I had a great salary, owned my home and my husband was the stay at home parent and I thought my life was perfect.  But something was missing. 

I struggled with working for someone else after sending my son off to his first day of Kindergarten. He was this amazing, confident, wonderful little human with a strong personality.  He was growing up so fast and I was missing it because I spent most of my days working. He gave my husband and I a big hug, confidently walked into class and found a seat.  He was smiling and happy and I was torn up inside.  I had tears streaming down my face on the drive into the office.  That day marked a turning point for me – I had to think about what I was going to do.

Two years later, I started my business and had a small team working for me.  I loved the freedom to be the volunteer mom during the day. I spent every day taking my son to school, volunteering in his classroom, being there after school and driving him to all of his sporting events.  I scheduled clients around him and it was awesome.  I wasn’t missing a thing!  

Now I have my own coaching business and get to help other people pursue their dreams too.  I can work from anywhere, at any time and my priority is still my family.  No matter what you’d like to change or achieve, the secrets to success are the same and I can help you get there.  

I’m looking forward to hearing your story, where we can explore all of your possibilities.  I am here to support you!! 

You don’t have to wish or wait for success any longer.  It is 100% possible for you to create the life of your dreams – starting right now! 
Sending you lots of love and Big Hugs for Big Success!

irene kachel


~Irene Kachel
Success Coach

“One of my greatest pleasures is coaching people to live the life of their dreams.”